(w)ORD  is a four years collaborative communication and artistic research project between nine artists based in
Norway and Scotland, resulting in the touring exhibition EBB(E)+FLO(W), shown in Norway and in Scotland.
Artists:Sarah Jost, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, David Faithfull, Rhona Fleming, David Lemm, Jon Macleod, Imi Maufe, Calum Wallis and Randi Annie Strand. My contribution was: 

ON BOARD / OM BORD  -  Jigsaw cut wood / cobbler tread. 76 cm x 52 cm x 5 cm. 2021.
DRIFT / DRIFT   Text printed on 360g paper. 2021.

01 DYR2831 hoyere aug maks

We all know the beautiful, perfectly formed Viking ships. Today's wooden boats are built according to exactly the same principles. This work examines the shapes of these constituent parts in a traditional Bindalsboat before they are assembled. Boat building skills were the basis for contact between our countries. Seeing the strange shapes that together make up a boat, it strikes one how much knowledge and experience that lies behind.

02 IMG 20210820 113446 700maks


                                        rot root tree tre eik oak hand hand byggje build nail                         
                                                       nagle saum seam boat båt fot feet keel kjøl lang
                                                                     long bow baug årer oars rig rigg reip rope sail segl fjord
                                                                                 fjord write rita kart chart cross kryssa open open sea
                                                                            sjø flyta float billow bylgja ebbe ebb flow flo ro
                                                                 row drift drift vest west wind vind vill wild storm
                                                                          storm leda lead bay bukt anker anchor come                                   
                                                                       komma kalla call sword sverd stela steel ill
                drift drift                                                                  ill skalle skull bind binda vev web husband
                                                                             husbond vilje will go gå loft loft skirt skjørt skinn
                                                                         skin deep dyp band band take taka skfita shift seat
                                                              sete drikka drink give geva gjest guest plow plog gro                 
                                                          grow land land stavn stem ship skip segla sail fare
                                                                                       fara vel well north nord veg way home heim

02 IMG 20210820 113911 mindre

04 DYR2829 700maksInstallation view from the exhibition at USF Verftet, Bergen, 2021. Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

05 DYR2801 700maks

06 IMG 9942 700maks

07 ImiFotoKasse700